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Vulcanizing trap selection

Vulcanizing important equipment is rubber factory, how to make good vulcanizing is related to product quality, production efficiency and production cost and steam trap is affects the normal operation of the machine can key components.
Therefore, according to the technical requirements of the product, the process of sulfide, vulcanizing time and temperature of heating time and temperature fluctuations limits stipulated.
1. Steam trap characteristics

traps free float type lever float bucket bell float type bimental plate bellows type capsule type disc type constant temperature
eject saturated water ability can eject saturated water can eject saturated water can eject saturated water 排除饱和水的能力稍差 只能排低于饱和温度的水 只能排低于饱和温度的水 只能排低于饱和温度的水 只能排低于饱和温度的水 只能排80℃左右的凝结水
过冷度℃ 0 - - 5 10-30 30-60 10-30 7-15 -
排除空气的能力 需附加排空气装置 需附加排空气装置 需附加排空气装置 排空气速度很慢 可大量排除空气 可大量排除空气 可大量排除空气 可大量排除空气 不适应于大幅度
蒸气压力变化对疏水阀的影响 不适应大幅度和突然的压力变化 不适应大幅度和突然的压力变化 不适应于大幅度 -
背压率% 80 80 80 80 30 30 30 50 30
是否具有止回功能 需附加止回
止回 不止回 不止回 止回 不止回 不止回 不止回 不止回
可否用于过热蒸汽 可以 可以 不可 不可 可以 不可 尽量不用于过热蒸汽 可以 不可
排放凝结水特性 连续排水 连续排水 间断排水 间断排水 连续排水 连续排水 连续排水 间断排水 连续排水
凝结水排量 排放量大 排放量很大 排放量大 一般 排放量小 排放量小 排放量小 排放量小 排放量小
使用寿命 一般 一般 一般 一般 一般

Steam trap action is normal or not, in a great extent affect steam equipment use, including vulcanizing press, performance and efficiency. At the same time, also affect the life of the equipment, and sometimes bring accident malignant accident, for enterprise caused heavy loss. So, choose good trap is very important, should the trap performance of bidding choices:
(1) the ability of water discharge saturated and subcooling
Steam heat released when water become saturated. If the trap will be saturated no-flow periods, fresh steam supply into vulcanizing makes equipment in high temperature, can improve the production efficiency and product quality. Free float type, type, float ball lever type of trap float barrel can row saturated.the degree of saturation water for 2-0 degrees Celsius.
Subcooling refers to trap the heat discharge condensate can continuously temperature and corresponding saturated temperature difference under the pressure of absolute value. Water discharge of saturated steam trap in C, can't row saturated water drainage of trap only in E drainage, C and E temperature between called subcooling. Disc type, double metal bellows type etc, chip trap because subcooling larger cannot apply to discharge water saturation vulcanizing
(2) trap back-pressure rate also affect the trap of important work. Back pressure in the recovery rate is high, can be in high pressure water when the situation is still can work normally.
(3) trap with check function, can make a single machine stop work when the vulcanizing condensed to prevent backflow vulcanizing adverse effects, malfunction, affect longevity.
(4) can be used to select the superheated steam trap.
(5), and the displacement can drain continuously, long-life trap.
Choose good steam trap can save lots of energy and money, of course, perhaps one-time investment, but in the long run is economical, can assure product quality, and can greatly improve the work efficiency.

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