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Pneumatic diaphragm Y-type Trap Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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Pneumatic diaphragm y-type trap valves
Pneumatic diaphragm y-type trap valves


ZMQSY series pneumatic diapgragm Y-type trap valve is our company‘sprofessional development and production of the new generation steam trap according to equipment hydrophobic in the thermoelectric plant, this product the circulation line design, to reduce flow-resistance, twice throttling principle, reduce erosion and improving longevity. Valve core and seat using solid carbide, closed leakage less than VI level, removable midplane seal design, eliminating leakage, maintenance is convenient and other characteristics, it also can use in inflammable, explosive occasions, according to the signal of the control system or adjusting instruments, cut or open valve, thus realize the useful requirement to the controlled parameters. Therefore it is widely applied in remote control of industries such as heat-engine plant.
This type production can be divided into action and counteraction,the nominal diameter stage DN(mm)is 20- 100;nominal pressure stage PN is 150Lb(2.0Mpa)、300Lb(5.0Mpa)、600Lb(10Mpa)、900Lb(15Mpa) and many stages ;air-supply pressure(Mpa)0.14-0.4;signal range Pr(KPa)20 -100, 40 -200;almost no-leakage, this type has many specifications for choise

Common material of main parts

Valve body:ZG270~450、ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
Bonnet:45STEEL、1 Cr18Ni9Ti
Stem and push rod:1Cr18Ni9Ti
core and seat:welding Ti Lai alloy on the main part of 1Cr18Ni9Ti
packing:knitting flexible graphite
gasket: Clip 316 wire mesh high flexible graphite

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