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Lever Ball-floa0074-type Steam Trap Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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Function and features

Lever Ball-float-type Trap Valve is widely used for industrial steam-heating devices, such as various of huge heat exchange, drier, jacketedkettle and so on.Especially it is applicable to the working occasion with extra large displacement of condensed water.
This extra large displacement type steam trap valve does not need to adjust and replace internal components within the whole working pressure range, that is to say it can completely eliminate a great deal of condensed water. The supercooling degree of drainage can reach 0℃, especially suitable for the working occasion with a large quantity of condensed water.

Flow rate chart


Technical parameter table

Production Type DN Nominal Diamete Type of Connection Applicable Pressure MPa Temperature℃ (mm) External Dimensions
L H1 H2 W
SFT14-16 15-20 Thread 0.01~1.6 250 125 55 55 155
SFT14-16 15-25 Thread 0.01~1.6 250 190 120 80 140
SFT44-16 SFT43 SFT46 15-20 15-20 25 Flange 0.01~1.6 350 195 215 85 115 110
32-50 65-80 Flange 0.01~1.6 350 230 270 175 218 110 125 190 220
SUNA23/26H 15-20 25 32-50 Flange 0.01~4.0 350 195 215 230 60 125   90 145

Material table of main parts

Name of Part Material
Body,Bonnet WCB、HT250、Stainless Steel
Seat,Core Stainless Steel
Ball Float Stainless Steel
Controling Shelf Stainless Steel
Thermosensitive Elements Hastelloyalloy
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