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Standard summary of traps

standard summary of traps(the upper)

standard no. standard english name
GB/T12248-1989 Automatic steam traps—Definition of technical terms
GB/T12247-1989 Automatic steam traps—Classification
GB/T12249-1989 Automatic steam traps—Marking
GB/T12712-1991 The requirements for supervision of recovery of conde nsate from steam heating system and technique of auto matic steam traps
NF M62-301-4-2001 (Components for containment enclosures - Part 4 : ventilation and gas-cleaning systems such as filters, traps, safety and regulation valves, control and protection devices.)
ANSI/FCI 85-1-1989 (Production Testing of Steam Traps)
ANSI/FCI 87-1-1994 (Classification and Operating Principles of Steam Traps)
ANSI/FCI 69-1-1989 (Pressure Rating Standard for Steam Traps)
ASTM F 1139-1988 (Standard Specification for Steam Traps and Drains)
EN 26553-1991 Automatic steam traps-Marking (ISO 6553:1980)
EN 26554-1991 Flanged automatic steam traps-Face-to-face dimensions (ISO 6554:1980)
EN 26704-1991 Automatic steam traps-Classification (ISO 6704:1982)
EN 26948-1991 Automatic steam traps-Production and performance characteristic tests (ISO 6948:1981)
EN 27841-1991 Automatic steam traps-Determination of steam loss- Test methods (ISO 7841:1988)
EN 27842-1991 Automatic steam traps- Determination of discharge capacity- Test methods (ISO 7842:1988)
BS 6023-1980 (Glossary of technical terms for automatic steam traps)
DIN 3548-1-1993 (Flanged steam traps)
DIN ISO 6553-1981 (Automatic steam traps; marking)
DIN EN 26704-1991 (Automatic steam traps; classification (ISO 6704:1982); german version EN 26704:1991)
DIN EN 27841-1991 (Automatic steam traps; determination of steam loss; test methods (ISO 7841:1988); german version EN 27841:1991)
DIN EN 27842-1991 (Automatic steam traps; determination of discharge capacity; test methods (ISO 7842:1988); german version EN 27842:1991)
DIN EN 26554-1991 (Flanged automatic steam traps; face-to-face dimensions (ISO 6554:1980); german version EN 26554:1991)
DIN EN 26948-1991 (Automatic steam traps; production and performance characteristic tests (ISO 6948:1981); german version EN 26948:1991)

standard summary of traps(the next)

standard no. standard english name
JIS B8401-1999 (Automatic steam traps)
ISO 7841-1988 (Automatic steam traps; determination of steam loss; test methods)
ISO 11933-4-2001 (Components for containment enclosures - Part 4: Ventilation and gas-cleaning systems such as filters, traps, safety and regulation valves, control and protection devices)
ISO 7842-1988 (Automatic steam traps; determination of discharge capacity; test methods)
ISO 6553-1980 (Automatic steam traps; Marking)
ISO 6948-1981 (Automatic steam traps; Production and performance characteristic tests)
ISO 6704-1982 (Automatic steam traps; Classification)
ISO 6552-1980 (Automatic steam traps; Definition of technical terms)
ISO 6554-1980 (Flanged automatic steam traps; Face-to-face dimensions)
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