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Lever float type steam trap characteristics are introduced

Leverage float type steam trap the biggest advantage is not under pressure, temperature, flow of condensate water drain continuously, namely, the minimum degree of 0 °, can make the heating equipment to achieve the best work efficiency, Leverage float type steam trap in the seat, total level forming water block to avoid steam leaking, It's the lowest, the maximum working pressure 0.01 Mpa pressure rate than 85%, With exhaust device, internal leverage float type steam trap adopts the most advanced automatic emptying valve components as box, can automatically exclude condensate gas, very sensitive, high quality, long service life. This trap design have balanced double seat structure, small volume, can achieve greater displacement, especially suitable for large-scale heating and heat resistance station equipment, is a large steam heating equipment, drainage for steam trap.
The valve using dual valve in the hole, open valve pressure falls, thus decrease relatively large displacement. Work with the ball float valve chamber of liquid changes, lever fluctuate open or closed seat. Due to the seat in the condensate water holes formed under water, steam, water, and natural separation, reach steam leaking.

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