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The bucket trap principle of work

1, the steam trap installed in steam heating equipment and condensate return ShuiJi between tube. When driving, bucket at the bottom, the valve is fully open. Water into steam trap flow to the bucket bottom, after all, full body, then, submerged barrel water through the open valve to ShuiJi back.
2, the steam from the barrel bottom into the trap, occupy the bucket at the top of the body, produce buoyancy. Barrel, gradually rising slowly moving toward seat until completely close the valve lever. Carbon dioxide gas and air vent holes through a barrel, gathered at the top of the trap. From a vent discharge steam trap, because of the heat and condensation.
3 and when the water began to come with barrel when barrel began to produce a lever to pull. With the condensation of water level rising, increasing strength, until can overcome the pressure difference, open the valve.
4 and begin to open the valve in the differential pressure on the disc will decrease. Barrel will quickly fell, the valve is fully open. In the trap top non-condensable gas discharge condensate, then before. When the water barrel with dirt out driving out the trap. At the same time, water discharge steam start into the trap, a new cycle again.

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