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The steam trap three energy-saving effect

Currently the steam trap type many, but its working principle is the height of steam and condensate temperature and velocity, the differences through various agencies, to achieve the steam trap hoist, reach drainage purposes choke air. It has three main energy saving effect.
First, the rapid discharge steam condensingwater use equipment produced inside, make use of the steam heating efficiency in equipment, make best of condensate not formed within the equipment, maximize equipment within the space of steam, often can maintain the highest heating efficiency. Once the steam trap cannot fully play a role, not only because of the frozen water retention, by using the properties of steam equipment and sometimes even make production equipment complete crippled.
   Second, the rapidly from start when the air temperature and equipment in order to shorten the condensate, preheating operation time. Start tong steam, steam piping and steam equipment use transportation are filled the air inside, if not be excluded, cannot into steam. In addition, in the steam piping and conveying equipment use steam heating steam temperature reaches the process, the initial temperature water will quickly, make equipment in the shortest possible time, this is the normal operation of the important conditions to improve production efficiency, especially the intermittent production situation, due to shorten the time is shortened, preheat the homework, because every time increased processing times, can increase the output. Previously, in turn, preheat the by-pass first open to discharge air and water, low initial due to choose the right now the steam trap, can be low initial air and water, and early can save manpower.
Third, reduce steam trap own steam consumption. So-called steam trap own steam consumption, generally refers to steam leakage, steam trap the heat and need to ZhengQiLiang loss sum.

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