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Brief introduction and usage statusquo of reap valve

Brief Introduction

The trap is used for steam pipe and equipment, can automatically drain out condensed water, air and other non-condensed gas, and steam leakage resistance. According to the different steam trap the working principle, steam trap can be divided into three types:
1 mechanical type: rely on steam trap condensate fluid guard height change and then action, including: float type: float is the closed hollow spheres, upward opening float type: float is the upward opening bucket, downward opening float type: float is the downward opening bucke type.
2 hot static type: rely on liquid temperature changes and action, including: dual metal: sensitive for the original pieces, steam pressure type: sensitive for the corrugated pipe or original ink cartridge, filled with volatile liquid.
3. Thermodynamic model: depend on the nature of the thermal fluid dynamics of change and action. In the same dise-type: because the pressure, the liquid and the gas velocity, the dynamic, static pressure valves, drive disc movement. Pulsed: because of the different temperatures caused by polar plate, sit string orifice plates orifice poles of different pressure, drive disc movement.
Use status
As is known to all, the trap is a kind of automatic from steam pipe and steam condensingwater use the equipment, air and other gases, and can prevent clots steam leakage of valve, In the factory, the steam piping network, heat supply is the most widely used an energy-saving products. In the steam pipe, water separator, the steam tank and the use of steam for heating and drying, heat insulation, half, disinfection, distillation, concentration, cooking, heat, heating, air conditioning technology in the process of condensate, must use the trap to eliminate.
Especially in coal, oil and natural gas energy decreasing situation, governments and organizations are very seriously energy trap of scientific research, production and use. In recent years, China's first the consumption of energy increase sharply, but the boiler operation efficiency of average only 55 percent, while the steam to users, finally get less than 30% of the heat. This and other developed countries (Western Europe, Japan, America, etc), compared to less than half as. There is a big part of trap heat is due to improper use or trap, and poor quality of steam leakage. According to not complete count, the use of the trap is quite part of improper use of poor quality, life expectancy, trap about 70% of the use of nonconformities, is about Japan (average 21.1%) three times, visible difference.
According to the steam consumption in China by increasing every year about 10% of the speed development, and energy production in JiuYiDun basic requirements, so the various industrial boiler plant heat energy is more than 300 million tonnes in to maintain. Additional 10% of steam, namely the quantity required, must be 20 million tons of standard coal from the steam piping network to solve. Among them, the correct choice and use of the trap is a key energy-saving measures.
Second, traps structure and work principle
The traps in the steam heating system plays a part in gas-resistance water-drainage, choose appropriate steam trap, can make steam heating equipment to the highest efficiency. Want to achieve the ideal effect of various types, to trap the working performance and characteristics of comprehensive understanding.
Many kinds of trap, each have different properties. Choose the trap, the first elected its properties can meet the optimal operation of steam heating equipment, then consider other objective conditions, so you need to select the trap is correct and effective.
The trap can &recognize& steam and condensate, so that it can achieve the effect of steam-resistance and water-drainage. Steam and condensate &recognition based on three principles: the density difference, temperature difference and phase change. Then according to the three principles produced three types of trap: classification for mechanical type, heat static-force type, thermodynamic model.
First, mechanical model of trap:
Mechanical type also called float type, it is the use of water and steam condensate level through density change, make the float lifting drive disc open or closed, choke air drainage purposes. Mechanical type of trap subcooling small, working pressure and temperature changes in the water, and have no standing in the heating equipment, can make the heating equipment to achieve the best thermal. Maximum back-pressure rate for 80%, the work high quality, is the most ideal heating equipment production technology of the trap.
Mechanical type of trap can be divided into free float type, freedom half-float type, lever float ball type, conversed bucket type:
1. Free float type trap valve:
Free float type of trap is of simple structure, internal only one moving part fine grinding of stainless steel hollow floating, both float is open, without vulnerable parts, service life is long, YQ &trap& brand series of automatic line with Y internal air device, very sensitive and can automatic vent air quality, work.
Just start working, equipment within the pipeline through Y series automatic vent air temperature, air exhaust device condensate into the trap, water level rises, float valve opens, the condensate, rapid, quickly into steam heating equipment, equipment quickly, Y series automatic vent air device, liquid temperature automatic air exhaust closing device. The trap began to work with the water level, floating ball, steam and drainage. Free float type of trap, total at level seat forming water block to avoid steam leaking, energy-saving effect is good. The minimum pressure is 0.01 Mpa, within the scope from 0.01 Mpa to the highest pressure, are not affected by the fluctuation of temperature and pressure, continuous drainage. It can drain the saturated temperature condensed water, the minimum super-cold degree is 0 °, heating equipment, can make the not carry water heating equipment to achieve the best thermal. More than 85 percent rate of back pressure, is the most ideal production craft heating equipment of the trap.
2. Free half float type of trap:
Free half float type of trap only take the half ball float ball type for the activities of components, bucket mouth open adown, the ballbarrel is a on-and-off component. The surface can be used for sealing, life is very long, resistant to water hammer, no parts, fittings, durable, steam leaking. More than 80% pressure ratio, temperature, water saturation line to the minimum degree of 0 °, heating equipment, can make the not carry water heating equipment to achieve the best thermal.
When a device has just started, the air temperature and within the pipeline caused by tube into the trap of metal valve, the empty elements, the valve open barrel temperature, air and water quickly. When steam into the ball inside bucket, ball barrels, valves produced upward buoyancy inside temperature, double metal contraction, poking the ball through empty elements, drifted toward valve valve closed. When the ball inside bucket of water into steam, bucket loses buoyancy sinking, valve, condensate quickly. When steam into the ball valve closed again within a barrel, and continuous work.
3 stem float type of trap:
Leverage float type of trap basic characteristics and free float type, internal structure is the same ball float valve lever driven connected with water level, and to switch valve. Leverage float type of trap by increasing condensate valve capacity, small volume, the maximum amount of larger discharge steam of 100 tons/hour, is the ideal equipment of large heating steam trap.
4. inverted bucket type of trap:
Pour the bucket type of trap is an internal bucket down for level, open the bucket is sensitive, connecting levers driven bucket open and close the valve heart valves. Pour the bucket type of trap air, afraid to row, water resistant properties. Subcooling small steam leakage rate, less than 3 percent, the biggest back-pressure rate was 75%, fittings, sensitivity as free float type of trap. Because of the bucket down by steam trap is upward buoyancy closing valves, working pressure differential less than 0.1 MPA, not suitable for selection.
When a device has just started, the air temperature and pipe water into the trap, pour down the bucket on its own weight, connecting levers driven bucket, air valve open heart valve and low water quickly. When steam into the bucket down, down the bucket of steam generated upward buoyancy, pour buckets rise connecting levers driven close valve heart valves. Pour the bucket on a small part, when steam from the holes, another part of steam condensate to produce, bucket loses buoyancy, on its own weight to sink, connecting levers driven bucket, heart valve opening, continuous cycle drainage.
5 combined-type superheated steam trap:
Combined-type superheated steam trap has two isolation valve chamber, stainless steel tube connected by two upper valve chamber, it is by the float type and pour the bucket type of trap the valve structure, advanced and reasonable, in the heat, high pressure, small load working condition, can timely emissions of superheated steam condensate, disappeared formation effectively prevent overheating steam leakage, high quality of work. The highest temperature for 600 ° c, the body as a whole stainless steel, alloy steel, hard seat for long service life, is special superheated steam trap, two national patents, fill the domestic blank.
When the water into the body cavity under the float valve, deputy with level rising, float into steam pipe hole sealed. The condensate water up to the main valve catheter down the bucket cavity, driven by gravity, the main valve opens heart valves, discharge condensate. When the water level, vice valve chamber, float down with the level drops, vice valve is opened. Steam from entering into the main steam valve cavity in the bucket down the bucket, produce the buoyancy, pour the bucket upward heart shut off the main valve disc drive. When the water level, vice valve cartridge again rises, the next cycle and start, uninterrupted drainage.

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